Healthy Vending Machines

If you want to enjoy snacks at work but are concious of your health, why not get Healthy Vending Machines? The team at Benleigh Vending Systems specialise in all sorts of vending machines from general snack vending machines, drink vending machines to of course healthy vending machines. The healthy vending machines are a popular option for those wishing to comply to healthy guidelines. As the leading provider of vending machines that meet the current new healthy guidelines, we are allowed supply vending machines to government, schools and hospital sectors.

We also install vending machines to offices free of charge with no obligation. The process is completely hassle free for you as we take care of it all. We install the machines and then look after its maintenance. We ensure it is regularly stocked with tasty, fresh snacks and drinks and if any problems occur we take care of the repairs.For more information about our  Healthy Vending Machines, check out the Benleigh Vending Systems website at



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